Year two

"We are sisters on a journey shining now as one, remembering the ancient waste, the compost has begun!"

 ~Blake Spencer, MM2017

Second year apprentices continue to work within our living mandala of intuitive and lineage based tools and practices that support the unconventional wisdom keeper in sharing their unique spirit medicine on a professional level while maintaining excellent physical, emotional, and psychological health.

Second year apprenticeship is primarily of interest for those looking to grow their event production, teamwork, space holding, and devotional service capacities by joining us during our seasonal gatherings as role models and way showers on the path of sisterhood and service. As a big sister you will have an invaluable opportunity to grow your personal interconnected web of sister support by bonding with new first year Medicine Mandala Apprentices. You will gain experience in sharing your gifts, as well as experience and professional references for your event production resume. You will also have an opportunity to practice navigating the myriad social dynamics that naturally arise in the process of creating together as a community using the tools provided. 

Second year apprentices are considered staff and work in shifts to join us in co-creating the container for first year apprentices healing and learning to unfold within. Big sisters become proficient in navigating the veils and mature as medicine people by being challenged to operate in multiple capacities simultaneously. You may be called upon to lead a song or a class, harvest a chicken, support a sister emotionally or restock toilet paper in the bathroom. Medicine Mandala Apprentices embrace the full spectrum of phenomenon arising as nurturing growth opportunities. Big sisters are guaranteed attendance to one 3 hour guest facilitator workshop of choice per gathering, and may choose to audit other content or relax, rest, or socialize when not on duty.


 November 2019

February 2020

May 2020

August 2020



• 4 one on one session with Yaya per year to discuss personal and professional growth needs

• Attendance at all Four 3 day in person Cross Quarter celebrations 

• Seasonal Council Meetings via zoom to practice giving and receiving feedback in a transparent group process

• Second Year apprentices are also given schedule priority when seeking to book additional intuitive guidance sessions or individual medicine journey work with Yaya as well as priority booking for therapeutic bodywork with Carrie Lou.

The process for the second year, like the first year, is always evolving. Currently the main criteria for consideration is that you have met all requirements for graduation of foundation year, received your certificate of completion, and can commit to being present on 4 seasonal group council calls and being present for the duration of all 4 seasonal gatherings. If Interested in continuing your journey with us beyond the foundation year, a link to the application including cost, dates, and requirements, will be provided in your sisterhood forum on July 1st.